Youth Skills Connection

What is Skills Connection?

What is Youth Skills Connection?

  • A 16-week government initiative for youth aged 15 - 30 that includes 8 weeks of employment preparation and 8 weeks of work experience
  • The objective of the program is to help youth overcome barriers to employment and develop a broad range of skills and experience that enable them gain valuable employment


Benefits to the Employer:

  • Take on a subsidized candidate for 8 weeks
  • Receive a wage subsidy of $15.00 per hour for the candidate. Employers must contribute a minimum of 1 dollar per hour plus Mandatory Employment Related Costs (EI, CPP, Vacation pay)
  • Work with a screened candidate that has demonstrated commitment by completing 8 weeks of employability skills training prior to being placed
  • Provide mentorship and experience to an eager candidate
  • Receive support from the Placement Officer, provided to employers and candidates through monthly check-ins to ensure the work experience is going smoothly
  • The potential to hire the candidate directly out of the program after 8 weeks
  • Low training cost and low risk to the company


How it Works:

  • A contract would be set up between the Employer and Bow Valley College
  • Wages would be paid in full by the employer and then the employer invoices Bow Valley College for reimbursement every two weeks
  • Work week for participants is ideally full time based on 30 + hours per week, employer sets the days and times
  • A brief screening interview would be conducted to ensure that the participants are a good fit with the employer's team