Connections to the Workplace

What is Connections to the Workplace?

Connections to the Workplace is a Youth Employment Strategy that focuses on connecting Calgary employers with young talent. The best part? This program matches employers with the right candidate and offers a great wage subsidy.

Program at a Glance

  • A government funded 12 week paid work experience program.
  • A wage subsidy of $14.00 per hour paid to you, the employer.
  • Employer contributes an additional $5.00 per hour + employment related costs (EI, CPP, Vacation pay)

What kind of Candidates will you find? 

  • Skilled candidates that will be an asset to your company.
  • Hand-selected post-secondary grads.
  • Motivated candidates that are eager for experience.
  • Candidates that fit the company culture.

Benefits to you, the Employer

  • Receive a wage subsidy of $14.00 per hour for the candidate.
  • Shortened recruitment process: we do the pre-screening interviews with participants to find the best fit for the employer’s team.
  • You can hire the candidate directly out of the program.
  • Receive support from the Project Officer with monthly check-ins to ensure everything is going smoothly.
  • Gain an eager, dedicated candidate.
  • Low training cost and low-risk hiring.

How it Works

  • Employers contribute an additional $5.00 dollars per hour over the subsidized $14.00 plus Mandatory Employment Related Costs (EI, CPP, Vacation pay).
  • Work week for participants is ideally full-time based on 30+ hours per week.
  • A contract would be set up between the employer and Bow Valley College.
  • Wages would be paid in full by the employer initially then reimbursed by Bow Valley College.
  • Employers invoice Bow Valley