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We need employers like you to join our Youth Skills Connection Program and Connections to the Workplace program. 

What is Connections to the Workplace?

Connections to the Workplace is a paid work experience program that focuses on connecting Calgary employers with young talent. These hand-selected post-secondary graduates are eager to work with you!

For further information, please email rquansah@bowvalleycollege.ca or call Randy Quansah at 403.462.8621.

What is Skills Connection?

Skills Connection is a government initiative for youth aged 15-30 that includes 5 weeks of employment preparation and 11 weeks of work experience. The objective of the program is to help youth overcome barriers to employment and develop a broad range of skills and experience that enable them to make better decisions about their future careers.

For further information, please email jnikiforuk@bowvalleycollege.ca or call Jill Nikiforuk at 403.410.1453.